For travelers or tourists, great destinations are always the priority to find. After that, the hotel or places for staying during the holiday will be next priority to make. In this case, Bali can be great choice since this island provides both of them. People have known that Bali becomes one of the best destinations for travelling in the world. However, maybe only some of them know that this island is also great destinations to find unique and comfortable resorts. There are Best Unique Hotel in Bali to find. Of course, many hotels can be chosen and travelers can choose the type of unique hotels that they want to choose. This can be great combination for their holiday. They can enjoy the great destinations in Bali and find the unique hotel or resort to stay.

It is true that there are some choices of Best Unique Hotel in Bali. There are many hotels in Bali and some of them are built with unique concepts and design. One of these great hotels is Bambu Indah. This is a kind of resort located in Ubud. The resort itself provides great nuances of rustic building. Most of the buildings in this resort are made from wooden material. For they who want to stay in this resort, there are some thematic village houses. Surely, this is great choice for people who want to feel the nuance of living in village. This resort is surrounded by fresh air and nice garden. Additionally, there is beautiful view of paddy field. Each of the thematic village houses has its own design and theme, so guests can choose what they like. For the facility, they can enjoy the great view of sunset combined with the view of beautiful paddy field. if they want to enjoy staying in the tree house, they can get it. Even, it is possible to swing like Tarzan above the ponds. Many great things are to find in this resort.

That is not the only reference of Best Unique Hotel in Bali. There are still many great place to visit in Bali for staying during the long holiday. Of course, they are unique and comfortable resorts and hotels.

  • First, there is Secret Wooden House located in Denpasar. As its name, guests of this resort will have a chance to live and stay in the wooden house. There are some nice wooden houses or cottages. This can be a secret spot since this is located in Denpasar. Although it is located in the one of the most crowded town in Bali, this resort is like isolated. It is like a secret place where there is no noises of towns. The cottages are also surrounded by nice garden with trees. Floras and faunas can also be found around the cottages.
  • Then, there is Vila Laksmana II. This villa is different from common villas, Common villas are usually big building with fresh garden around it. This villa is unique since guests will not only find garden, but they will find water around the villa. The buildings in the villa are surrounded by fresh and clean pool. It is like a water castle for mermaid.
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